Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pragmatic Technology-Week 5 (for Midterm 1)

From "Community Informatics: Integrating Action, Research, and Learning."

Featured on Page Eight

Definition- meeting human needs and accomodating all users in the creation and use of ICT's( Information and Communication Technologies).

1) Is a part of the principle of Community Inquiry: the ICT is not only a device for bringing excluded classes into information society and the digital public forum, but also, a context itself for the understanding of society and an instrument to conduct efforts in research, organization, and facilitation to bring the formerly excluded into the digital society.

2) Emphasizes a strong link between social groups and social institutions to understand societal needs and to cooperate in finding solutions to the digital divide to benefit society.

3) Stresses democratic inclusion in society as the only way to include new users in the digital information society in a way that is natural and meets its full potential.

- Comon Language Notion
-Meeting real human needs

Extrapolated to the whole picture of connecting the formerly disconnected:

**Society and implementors of new technology must openly converse, be on the same wavelength, and pursue the same goals for the successful proliferation of information technology to former nonusers with technology being the main vehicle for reaching society, analyzing society, and integrating society in the context of the four c's( content, connectivity, capability, and context) into the technology driven information society that we live in.

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