Friday, February 27, 2009

Movie Response #2

For each of the four teens, access was seemingly different in each case. While all four had similar "context" of access, with the technology being used in an academic environment at school, the other three C's were quite a bit different.

In the case of Luisa, her school did not have the advanced technology that High Tech or Cedra's school had and thus fell behind in the connectivity of access. Luisa's capability was also behind compared to the other three teens. Although she was taking the multimedia classes, these were all extra curricular and not as as emphasized or part of the schools curriculum. Being behind in connectivity and capability also makes content a barrier for Luisa. There is no doubt that it was great for her to join the classes to get off the streets and out of trouble, but the multimedia classes seemed not much more than that, a way out. The access to technology that she had was not that applicable for her life as it was with the other teens.

For Cedra, who grew up around technology, her access to technology was on the other side of the spectrum. All four C's were there for her. Since her school was technologically advanced it had the connection necessary for use and she had the capability to use it, both from being around it at home and learning it in a school setting. The most important C, content, was also present, since she desired to go into publishing, like her father, the technology she was learning and using was geared towards that.

For Travis and Kep, both going to High Tech, their access had both the context and connectivity and through the program at the school, both were learning the capability. Where they differ is in content. For Kep, technology seemed to be his only way to progress and have a better life than his parents have, so he had the desire and motivation. Travis, on the other hand, didn't seem to have the same desire and drive. The technology that he was learning and using may not of been in his interests and he did not have the support from his home environment, like Cedra.

There are plenty of Technology centered high schools around the country. At most of them the curriculum  is actually pretty well rounded, with classes in math and science as well as humanities, art and gym, while still focusing on technology. They all seem to have a very rigid curriculum that allows little choice in the path and courses taken.


  1. It's good to know that many of these tech schools do have a well rounded curriculum. This video was kind of dated so I guess the schools have changed a bit in the last decade.

  2. I was also surprised in the movie when they said that tech schools lacked english and math skills because these are very important in everyones future in college and jobs. It very good to hear that nowadays they actually really well rounded because although tech school can give students advantages in the future if they was not getting the general subjects down it can be a very big disadvantages in the future.