Monday, February 2, 2009

MIS Week 2: "Race and Place"

"I have seen evidence that libraries can and do serve the as vangaurds for social justice. But I have also been disheartened by the reification of the institutional racism and classism." (Hall 32)

This is the point of the article to me in which the direction goes to one of a critical portrayal of libraries from the authors perspective. I was just interested in the fact that Hall stated this and never really said any good about libraries. I just think that the author takes quite an extreme stance on libraries. I have never had any of the type of experience the author has had at libraries. I understand the authors complaint about the libraries but I just didn't think it was necessarily the libraries fault as much as it is the communities fault. But then again Hall was the director of American Library Association's Office for Diversity, and has a far greater insight then I do.  

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