Sunday, February 1, 2009

MIS: Branch Libraries

"...Margot Burke was fielding calls from reporters looking for the library's reaction to a group of south Side clergy who were protesting the library's Internet policy and demanding that filters be installed on computers..." -Branch Libraries

Reading this statement pointed out to me the huge liability the library system is taking on by allowing the free uncensored access to information that it does. In this day and age where it where you see the total loss of personal accountability (witnessed mostly through the mass media networks) almost every institution takes every possible precaution in protecting itself from being sued by some bum blaming everyone else for their problems. I can't blame them for being too careful when you see the cases such as, "The manual never said cruise control wouldn't take care of all the driving for me," and, "McDonalds never had any information available saying eating ten Big Macs a day would destroy my body."

I imagine that there's been considerable controversy over filtering because of the fact that children may frequent the library. Kudos to the libraries for standing strong on the freedom of access to information. Don't get me wrong, you can find some of the worst things on the internet, but as long as a user is not disturbing other patrons he/she should be able to view whatever they please. If a parent is so paranoid that their children may see something that offensive, they simply should not allow them access to the library.

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