Thursday, February 19, 2009

Midterm - Race and Place

- Describe Hall's childhood local library, the "yellow palace." What were it's features and/or barriers? Where was it located within her community?

"Anti-theft bars covered every possible point of entry. Not a haven by any means... ... The building itself was eclipsed by the adjacent police station and neighborhood jail." (31; 2nd page of reading)
The "yellow palace" is Hall's neighborhood library, and it is ill funded, not welcoming, and small. There are bars on all the windows and it is placed next to a police station and jail - not exactly the most calming and welcoming of atmospheres. There are only two small reading areas.

- Now describe the "white cathedral."
"... We also paid a visit to their public library, a gleaming white, newly blue-carpeted edifice to self-learning. I was speechless. Not one burglar bar. Instead, rows and rows of reading materials and soft chairs." (31; 2nd page of reading)
The "white cathedral" is described as large and welcoming, with a multiracial staff and lots of room to lounge and read. Instead of closing early, it stays open later and is more accommodating to patron's hours. It intimidates Hall's grandmother and is not at all like the "yellow palace."

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