Friday, February 27, 2009

Movie Response #3

For this response, I viewed in Madison, WI for a search of "technology" job. I found a lot of postings for help desk support, computer analyst, IT, TEKsystems, project manager, engineer, and a lot for the US Navy or Army, etc. I think this is a fairly broad view of many of the possible types of jobs that can be found in this field. 
I think the students might have been prepared for some of these jobs. I think with the very specialized learning that took place at their advanced technology high schools, they were mostly capable of basic tech support and software development. I think considering the amount of independent and group projects that the students were asked to complete they should be able to work at a company, and be assigned to work at projects individually or as part of a collaboration and excel at this kind of work. More specialized fields like computer engineering might require a college degree and more advanced schooling. I feel like Cedra had the most realistic idea of how to use her computer training in HS as just a supplementary learning advantage in college. 

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