Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 3- Humboldt Park & Uptown

Week 3: Putnam & Feldstein 

How did the Humboldt Park Branch engage its largely Latino patron base? What about Uptown?

Humboldt Park
-The library maintains an extensive collection of Spanish-language books, magazines and newspapers
-They combine the youth and adult nonfiction section  because some adults may not have high reading abilities.  With the combination, they won't feel embarrassed looking for books at their reading level, which could possibly be directed towards the youth books. 

-Has a large Southeast Asian population
-The library has a variety of books in Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, English-language books, Russian, and other languages. 
-Many of the newcomers get a library card so that they can connect to their "new home", and the library is seen as the "least threatening public institution". 

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