Sunday, February 22, 2009

Midterm: Community analysis: Research that matters to a north-central Denver community

Describe some of the tools and other data sources the researchers reviewed.

The researchers used a wide variety of tools to get a good representation of what the community was like and to get a feel for the people in it. The used "Walk arounds" to get a general feel for the neighborhood and how people in the neighborhood moved around. They looked for bus stops, sidewalks, bridges, etc. The researchers also looked at old newspaper articles to get a feel for the community's past and get a feel for how it has changed, so they can try to anticipate how it would change in the future. They sought out leaders in the neighborhood that could identify the needs of individual groups like church groups or schools. Finally they walked around with a video camera to interview the average person living in the community. This got people interested and excited about what would be happening in their community.

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  1. sorry didn't post page numbers:
    Walk around: pg. 11
    Newspapers:Pg 11
    Interviews: Pg 11
    Video Camera: Pg 26