Friday, February 27, 2009

Movie Response #4

In the present day and age most colleges like their students to be well rounded in all the subjects and require a set number of years to have certain subjects in high school, such as English. At the two tech schools they sacrificed these important subjects to focus mainly on technology. While this is certainly not a bad thing considering a large part of our society runs on technology, it does seem to be lacking as a means of preparing today's youth to venture out into the real world.

The three school environments were all different from one another. Luisa went to a typical public high school and was still able to have access to multimedia and technology classes. It is easy to argue that she might not have the same opportunities with technology in the future compared to Cedra, Travis, and Kep and that definitely might be the case. However, she will be able to say that she had access to and was able to take other classes whereas Cedra, Travis, and Kep did not.

These technology schools are by no means a bad idea, but there are other aspects to our society besides technology that need to be taught in classes that are not offered at these tech schools.


  1. I agree with your post, about how there are other aspects to our society besides technology that should be taught in classes. I wonder that if Kep or Travis decided that a tech career was not really what they wanted, if they could actually get a job not in a tech field, and how transferable their skills are.

  2. I agree with you both. I couldn't imagine myself at 13 or 14 years old making a decision on what school I'm going to based on what life long career I'd want. High school should be a place where you explore many opportunities and classes that are focused on more areas then just computer technology. Maybe it's not the kids fully deciding they want to work in the technology field the rest of their lives, but their parents telling them that is what they want.

  3. i agree that there needs to be other things taught to kids in order to prepare them for the real world and adult life..