Friday, February 20, 2009

Midterm- Community Analysis

Sarling, J. H., & Van Tassel, D. S. (1999). Community analysis: Research that matters to a north-central Denver community.

· What is “community analysis”?

“Mary Cutler (1896) identified community study as an essential element of librarianship, exhorting the librarian to “be a careful student of his own town…that he may catch the spirit of the civic life and relate the library to the whole…that he may select books, establish branches, [and] open up new avenues of communication between the library and the people.” –p.7

· Define the “CARI model”? What are its four perspectives?

“The Community Analysis Research Institute (CARI) model begins with a focus on the community from four perspective- individuals, groups, agencies and lifestyles- and incorporate both quantitative and qualitative research methods to collect a variety of data including demographic characteristics, history of the community, topographical features, transportation routes and traffic patterns, commercial activities, communication patterns, housing, education, cultural activities, health facilities, employment, recreation, entertainment, and the characteristic lifestyles of the community and its sub-cultures." -p8-9

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