Monday, February 2, 2009

MIS Week 2

From the article "Chapter 2 - Branch libraries: The heartbeat of the community" by Putnam and Feldstein:

“Clark, who has managed the Bezazian Branch for two years, talks about how the role of the librarian has changed and is now more active and engaged.”

I selected this passage because I thought it was interesting how the old stereotype of an old librarian sitting behind her desk is beginning to fade. As the article discusses, librarians are taking a much more active and involved role in their libraries. Due to the advances in technology, librarians are now required to have a diverse technological skill set in order to help older generations. The article also discusses how librarians are reaching out to schools in an attempt to strengthen the library’s presence in the community. In general , a new type of librarian is beginning to emerge; active, helpful, and attempting to spread awareness and involvement in today’s libraries.

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