Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridging Social Capital as a Student - Discussion 2/2

"Of all the dimensions along which forms of social capital vary, perhaps the most important is the distinction between bridging (or inclusive) and bonding (or exclusive). ... Bonding social capital is good for undergirding specific reciprocity and mobilizing solidarity. ... Bridging networks, by contrast, are better for linkage to external assets and for information diffusion." (Putnam, 22)

I feel my post is reiterating the underlying importance of the first chapter of Bowling Alone, but what else is more important to focus on? It is worth the time to observe the social distinctions of our relationships in our daily life's and how they impact us. This topic is great to consider as students who eventually will enter the job market after college. It is widely known that individuals hire people, and not simply job postings in the local newspaper or online. As a student it's interesting to think of what kind of social networks I could enter that could bridge me hopefully into the job market that I want to get into and I think everyone should contemplate this. While a degree makes an individual a favorable employee, finding a way to meet the hirer is just as important.

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