Sunday, May 3, 2009

Group 3- Participation

I found this project to be a really good way of actually conceptualizing the ideas we learned in this class.  As a group member I was able to contribute by collaborating with the other members of my group to come up with a great concept for our video project.  We all did a good job with working with each other to come up with ideas on how to represent a idea which we learned in LIS 202 and communicated well with each other in sharing our ideas.  I was also able to contribute to the video by acting in some of the scenes.  

I believe this project was really helpful in understanding key concepts from class.  It was also very interesting in being able to apply these concepts to personal settings around Madison and see how access can really affects us on a personal level.  It was also a good experience to learn to work with the camera and editing.  Overall, I really enjoyed the project because it was a fun and interesting way to apply the teaching of this class and was a good rap up to the whole class. 

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