Monday, May 4, 2009

Group Three Project Participation

For my participation in our group 3 project, I helped with the input of ideas as to what direction our video should go (comparing computer and internet access differences at the Madison Public Library and College Library). I also helped with the editing, which I found to be a long and difficult process because of all the things we had to take into account while doing it. For example, we had to insert a few slides because we wanted our audience to be able to follow where we wanted the story to go. I think our final product is a well-edited video that tries to explain the differences in computer and media access between the two libraries. In terms of working with technology, as Dean mentioned, we had some trouble with 'lost' footage. Also, while editing our project on the Mac computers in College Library, our computer crashed because it was overloaded with data. This goes to show, as does our lost footage, that a certain confidence is needed to use technology, given its unpredictability. As college students, we are familiar with technological problems and are quickly able to recover from any issues we have. However, for someone not familiar with computers, our computer crash could have been an incomprehensible crisis.

I really enjoyed working on the project, and seeing the Madison Public Library-Central Branch. Comparing the libraries and working with the group members was a fun activity and a nice wrap-up project before our final exam for the class.

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