Monday, May 4, 2009

Group 3 Video:


  1. Sorry, it's after midnight by a little. I didn't take into consideration how large the file was, and to upload it to the blog. When you upload a huge file it needs to be "processed," which took forever.

  2. Good job and an effective message without the use of narration or interviews. Professor Whitmire

  3. In our group project, I volunteered to be the cameraman and mostly handled the shooting throughout because I had some experience with cameras when I was working as a cameraman at a local TV station in Massachusetts.

    I am glad that we did this project because so far everything we learnt about the digital divide and libraries is solely from readings and powerpoint slides. It is nice for us to actually go to a public library and see the differences between there and our college library. The experience to learn about digital divide firsthand is invaluable, and we truly understand that libraries can be different in access, technology, internet, and so much more while we were at it. During the project, we set up meetings and time to go touring as a group, even at 9 a.m. on a raining day that everyone got wet and uncomfortable. Overall I’d say we learned a lot on the subject, and had a great time doing it altogether.