Sunday, May 3, 2009

group 3 participation

My group and I worked well together in coming up with scenarios for our video. From the beginning we knew we wanted to look at libraries and I think everyone's personal ideas came together well. For my participation I helped with the idea process for our video and acted in some of the scenes. I think this assignment helped our class come together and learn technical skills many of us were not familiar with. On our first day we were filming the project we thought we got a lot of good shots and later realized that the video camera did not actually get them. We were never really sure with what happened to the lost footage but it is an example that even people who are in college and have worked with similar technology can still have problems with new or unfamiliar technology. This makes me realize how unfortunate it is for people who are falling behind (into the digital divide) because what some think are simple tasks can be impossible for others to figure out. I especially feel this way because I am not good with technology at all, and it's not that I don't have the access, I just don't feel the need or have the use to be up on all of the "new" things. So when I learned of this assignment and that we had to shoot a video, edit it, and post it online, if I did not have a group to help with some of those steps I'm not sure I would have been able to complete it. Before this class, and more importantly this project, I never realized that I too am falling behind with technology and if I don't start getting help or learn new things soon I might always be playing catch-up in the digital divide.

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