Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reading Race Online

Considering the findings of the above article and Burkhalter's article-- what are some of the issues related to racial identity and online use?

The issues related to being racially identified online is the same as being racially identified in a non-virtual plane. Some people will hold biases, prejudices, and all sorts of other feelings about people of a certain ethnic origin, these beliefs will show when they are interacting with a person of that ethnicity. The only difference with the online environment is that you can have an identity to others that is different from how they would view you if they saw a picture of you. Online you are judged by your alignments on certain issues, by the way you compose your sentences, and by the words you choose. In this situation others will fit you to a stereotype based on the text rather than the skin color.

If people perceive you to be of a race they aren't particularly fond of, they will act accordingly. They will not be as friendly, personable, and tolerant. The service provided won't be as good. With race online it is possible for you to mask your true racial identity if your interactions online resemble that of another race. But in general there will be hatred, abuse, and intolerance vented by people, even moreso online because of the certain level of anonyminity.

Sorry if this was kind of all over the place. Here's what I believe to be the main issues in these: discriminiation, intolerance, verbal(textual?) abuse of others.

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