Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chatman's Theory: Information Poverty & Life in the Round

Information Poverty:
1. Secrecy
2. Deception
3. Risk-taking
4. Situational Relevance

Life in the Round:
1. Small world- The Projects and their members had their own little world and community built up in there.
2. Social norms- Their lifestyle and habits become the social norm.
3. Social types- their life seems normal and accepted becuase no one has any motivation to change it.
4. Worldview- they are not motivated to change their life and they won't cross their own boundaries until something TRAGIC happens. Their cousin, Tyrel, was shot, and once that happened, they decided they needed to change their life. So they were seeking information since it was critical, relevant, and their old life was no longer functioning.

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