Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Jaeger et al (2006) found that 99.6% of all public libraries provided Internet access on their public terminals. However, there were still things related to that access that continued the digital divide. What were the issues?
  1. Sufficient bandwidth and broadband
  2. Perpetuation of the digital divide of Internet access in libraries
  3. The role of libraries as e government access points
  4. Complexitiites of funding internet access
  5. Impacts and contradictions of filtering
  6. chilling effect of homewland security
  7. Sifficiency of conncetivity (# of workstations)
  8. Levels of Public access
  9. The need for training
  10. Continuing gaps in access
  11. Sources of fuding for techonlogy
  12. Qustions of public policy

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