Thursday, April 30, 2009

Video Project - Group 4

Here's Group 4's project from Andre, Hattie, Laura, Casey, Luke, and Lindsey. Enjoy!


  1. In this video my role was the skeptical reporter, bringing up the issue of whether or not the great amounts of access here on campus was a good thing in all instances.

    For our video we wanted to try and put a little humor so we used a little exaggeration to achieve it. With the concept of access here on campus we noticed ho a lot of people have taken to social networking as a most treasured pass time activity. I think it's great that we have such a wired campus, otherwise there is no way i could be outside enjoying this 70 degree weather while i write this comment. Despite what our video says about 'copious amounts of access' I do think our campus has addressed the subject of access very well. It serves as a great benefit to all of us attending UW-Madison.

  2. Good job and a very funny way of getting your message across.

  3. In this video I'm the "lazy student." I also helped with filming.

    This video made me realize how much our campus is wired. I mean, I realized before to an extent, but the last time I made a video for class we had to edit it with a VHS player (it was difficult and bad). The fact that libraries now check out electronic equipment is really cool, and I think we have access to amazing amounts of technology.

    However, I wouldn't have ever used the flip camera if I hadn't needed to for class - so it really brought home for me how education and access are intertwined. Having one isn't enough, you have to have reason to use it and a "safe" environment to get used to messing around with it.

  4. For this project, we all brainstormed ideas for how we would attack this assignment and decided to throw in a humorous twist to lighten the mood from all of the serious documentaries we have seen thus far in this class. I took part in the brainstorming, acting, and edited the clips together into a final project.

    This project just goes to show how advanced our technology and connectivity is becoming. It is now so easy to shoot footage, edit it, and upload it to the web in a quick amount of time. This was the central point of our video as we suggested this technology and connectivity may be getting out of control and invading our personal lives.

    Overall, I had a great time working on this project and I think my group members felt the same way. This was the first chance I've had in college to do a project such as this, and I hope future classes I take will incorporate more of modern technology into the classrooms.

  5. I helped brainstorm and film along with the others in my group. I Thought is was a good experience and we had great involvement in our group.

    It was cool to see how in just a couple hours work we could put this project together. The Camera and other technology allowed us to focus primarily on the content of the video and not worry too much about actually putting it together.

    I like the fact that it's so easy to get information and stay connected. Anything I want to learn is in a streamlined format that enables me to spend exponential less time getting that information.

    I've also seen what a pain it is for people who can't afford internet access. One of my friends lives 20 minutes from campus and doesn't have internet at her apartment.