Monday, March 2, 2009

Video Post

I think most of us would agree that going to high school is not intended to just set you up to go into the work place but also to better individuals. That being said I am majoring in Computer Science and I am trying to get a job in this area. You could think of me as one of those individuals in high school building my own computer but i would never want anyone to push a job onto me. I honestly believe that companies like Lotus in this video (and other more recent ones) are acting like lobbyists and forcing individuals to use their software and better them financially. Those that are truly interested in computers will pursue such a degree or job once they graduate and it is not necessary to force people to learn software of companies that are giving these schools millions of dollars.

No one should be forced to enter a single job market and everyone needs to obtain the basic skills that high school offers, after all thats why we put individuals into high school.

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