Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie Response #1

It is obvious that many factors other than simply exposure to technology have a part in determining the path of young adults. The first example is wealth. Both Luisa and Travis had experience and training with computers but were stopped from furthering their careers because of the costs. Luisa didn't pass her photoshop exam because she was too busy working at Long John Silvers to provide from her family. Also, Travis couldn't further his career because the costs of college was too much for his family to afford.

I don't feel that technology is a solution in the case of these young adults. The most successful on paper is Cedra who didn't go to Tech high school. I feel that she was more successful because her education didn't focus solely on computers and technology. She grew up around computers and was well rounded in how to use them. This enabled her to use computers to accomplish tasks but not depend on them for an immediate future profession. In Luisa's case, she only focused on learning one program for her future profession. The problem is that in her situation that program (photo-shop 4) will only be used for a limited time and will be replaced by a newer, updated version.

The only outcome that was suprising for me was that Travis didn't end up going to college. I felt that he was interested and determined in learning his craft and computers and eventaully going to college. But the barrier of cost prevented him from furthering his education.

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  1. It really seemed to me that the two that failed didn't adapt and incorporate as many things into their learning.