Sunday, March 1, 2009

Question 1 - movie response

There were many things that influenced and affected these students besides technology.  Some different things that came into play were things such as friends from different school, money, part time jobs, family status, going to college, english and math skills and much more.   I think that technology can help with many of these issues but not all of them.  For example although some of the students friends from other schools would call them computer geeks the students of the Tech High School could show their friends some very beneficial skills.  Also their technology training can sometimes help with money issues but not always.  Like in the case of Kep he earned college scholarships because of his training in technology which allowed him to go on to college.  But sometimes technology cannot help with the money issues that people face.  For example Travis who graduates from the Tech High School was not able to afford to go to college because of his families circumstances.  Also although the Tech High School gave the students many useful skills if often lacked in teaching the students strong skills in english and math which could hinder their future in going to college and in some jobs.  

Some of the stories were excepted and predictable but I was also very surprised by others.  In Lulsa story I was surprised that she did not manage her time more effectively.  The Photoshop exam was very important to her future and yet she did not put enough time into it.  She could of had a very impressive job.  In Cedra's story it was good to see how she plans to use her computer skills in her future at college and a job.  Travis's story was very surprising in the fact that he hadn't tested out his senior project before he went in front of the review board.  I feel like as a student of a tech school he should know that technology can easily go wrong and you must do all necessary precautions before you actually do the project.  Kep story was very inspirational.  He did all he could do and then gained scholarships that helped him with college.  This seems very predictable because with this type of training you could get a step ahead of many students who go to normal public high schools.  

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