Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie response

The four kids situations varied differently in the "Crossing the Divide" movie we saw. In discussion, we mentioned the 3 industrial revolutions: one of the early 18th century which incorporated the ideas of manifest destiny, and making communication / transportation easy to the west; the industrial revolution of the 19th century which is the typical migration to a factory from the workshop, and then lastly the revolution of the 20th century where transistors were incorporated into daily technology.
It is my view that as we are consistently changing from one "revolution" to another, that your family circumstances can significantly alter what portion of which revolution you are experiencing. As mentioned in class, most of our great grandparents or grandparents probably worked / work in a factory. The stigma is that grandparents are not likely as coherent with computer usage as the younger generation.
I think that if your parents are in a job where they are still in the 2nd revolution (in a factory job or similar) that you are much less likely to have the knowledge of latest revolution. This is directly tied to the fact that the cutting edge technologies (due to supply / demand) are more valuable and thus pay more. Because one's parents are paid more / are using new technology, it is more likely that your exposure would be greater.

I think that this idea relates to Cedra (who went to a public school but had family technological knowledge from her journalist father) vs. Luisa (who needed to work a lot of hours to save up enough money to then buy herself exposure to a computer when her mother didn't have a job where she used / could afford computers).

Family also influenced Travis significantly. His role as a main supporter for the family meant that education could not be the prime focus of his school years. It further affected him because he needed to work to help support the family and didn't have money for college.

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