Monday, March 2, 2009

Response 4

In a high school environment, there's more to it than simply receiving a high school diploma.  You learn how to socially communicate between peers and elders, you learn how to prepare for college, and most importantly, you get prepared for the real world.  However, when schools are only teaching you certain skills, teenagers miss out on what it's like to be a teenager.  There re no football games, or dances, or clubs at some of these schools.  The schools in Texas and California have completely different goals and the environment plays a big role in them.

All the schools incorporated technology to some degree, giving the students access to the world. However, when Tech High just prepared students via computer skills, it might affect the jobs they might want to someday obtain. Travis and Kep are very intelligent individuals, but what happens when they don't want to work with computers anymore?  That's all they know how to do because that's all they were taught, core class like science and english were never given to them.  There are hundreds of jobs, and competition is on the rise.  You need to know more than computer skills to succeed.  However, Travis and Kep have an overall advantage because they are very familiar with technology, giving them a step up above someone who never had the opportunity to come in contact with computers. 

I feel like it's a catch 22. With public schools, not everyone is given individual attention on technology.  But they are given many different skills to succeed in life.  With schools like tech high, they are given many technological opportunities, but are they missing out on common knowledge? 

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