Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movie Prompt 1

Althought the outcomes of some of the individuals featured in the film weren't what I expected, after further thought, I determined that they were somewhat representative of society today. As in Luisa's case, many high school graduates are unable to attend college after high school due to financial complications. Often, the family cannot afford to send their child onto college and in such situations, the individual is unable to receive federal aid in most cases. Luisa was stuck in one of these cases. She was forced to work throughout school and it often conflicted with her studying habits. It even prevented her from graduating on time and took away much of the needed study hours that would have helped her on her photoshop exam.
Unfortunately, Travis had many of the same problems. While he was enrolled in the tech school and was considerably successful, he was also forced to balance his schoolwork with being the "man" of the household, adding much unfair pressure. Although Travis was quite driven, he was just not able to spend as much time on his schoolwork as necessary. Also, he was experiencing much of the same financial trouble as Luisa, preventing him from having as many resources and advantages available to him as wealthier families, such as Cedra.
Cedra, growing up in an upper-middle class family with much technological experience, had many advantages over Travis and Luisa. She mentioned that her dad worked for Macintosh Computers and that they had 4 computers in their house. Naturally, this helped her succeed in school by granting her the ability to practice her skills at home. As the movie showed, Cedra went on to Brown College and I believe her access to technology at home greatly aided this achievement. As we saw with Travis and Luisa, they had many more responsibilities to juggle while attending school as well as many less technological resources available to them. Cedra's success was not suprising to me because of her clear advantages over the other two students.
I was a little suprised to see Kep receive Valedictorian, however, it seemed to me that he deserved the award. He seemed to work really hard and had as much support his family could provide for him. However, it seemed like his family had some of the same financial problems as Travis and Luisa, yet, not to as great an extent. I feel like in Kep's case, him attending the Tech school helped him succeed to a greater degree than he would have without it. The school propelled him to success and aided him in receiving a scholarship, allowing him to go onto college, which he maybe wouldn't have had the opportunity to do without enrolling in the Tech school.
Overall, the students' experiences and outcomes from attending the tech school varied, but one common theme seemed to resonate: income level and family health tended to aid in the success of the individual.

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