Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Movie Response

I think the examples that this movie explored shed some light on many issues we have explored in class. Wealth and supporting background had a huge impact on how these kids performed in school. Luisa and Travis faced an extra and entirely different set of problems facing them. I think I would be interesting to see how the students of both High schools fared in the long run. That being said the other two students seemed to balance their learning better. I think the other two used technology to expand their learning in general, not just to have a job after high school.

How Luisa and Travis viewed their learning had a huge impact on how they did overall. The current job market of globalized economies, large horizontal business networks, and endlessly evolving technology calls for employees that can learn fast, self correct when needed, and be pro-active in keeping up to date in current technologies and market trends. This new dynamic job market has almost completely replaced the now outdated static model where simply learning one skill well would get you a good steady job. The workers who can adapt to this changing system can not only find jobs easier, but also recover from layoffs and redirect their careers better.

New Tech High is simply a new way to educate students for the old economic model. The school cuts extra curriculars, books, and doesn't address many skills that these students would need every day. The even go so far as to lean on funding from businesses that operate in uncertain markets.

While many ideas that New Tech High employs and tech skills it teaches will help students in the current job market, a balance is needed. Students need to be able to have a balanced background in order to better apply what they have learned to an ever changing job climate

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