Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie Post #1

There are many different factors that affected the students apart from technology. The biggest, in my opinion is where they come from, which in three out of the four was determined by what their parents did for a living (not the only factor). In the case of Kep, I also believe that where he came from had a huge impact on him. Having seen and experienced what he did would tend to provide you with extra motivation to succeed. Luisa was in an extremely unfortunate situation and it affected much more than her desire to learn and her access to technology. Travis, for me, was the least responsible, he did come from a bad situation but had the same educational opportunity as Kep. Cedra, being dealt the best hand, did a great job of exploiting all opportunities while still having a strong understanding that not everyone is as fortunate.

I do feel that technology provided a varying degree of help to each situation. Kep by far benifited the most from technology. He, also combined with his work ethic, took full advantage of the technological education opportunities provided and succeeded. Technology played a huge part in where he is. Cedra needed technology to get to where she is, but that wasn't the only thing that got her there. Technology did provide her with a solution in helping others, because she was technologically educated she could help others. Luisa was in a situation where I believe that technology hurt her more than helping her. She did not graduate on time because she was still paying her computer off. In the case of Travis, technology did help him some, but in the end he could not take advantage of what was in front of him.

I was not surprised by the outcomes, I really feel bad for Luisa. I dont think Travis will ever go to college and I also think that Cedra will be very successful.

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