Monday, March 2, 2009

Movie Response #1

At the end of the video, I was pretty surprised to see the unfortunate outcomes for Travis and Luisa. I think one of the main issues affecting each student was the amount of family support received. Kep and Sidra seemed to have strong family bonds, where Travis and Luisa seemed to come from families with some internal issues. Kep had a large extended family to rely on for support, and Sidra's family seemed close and financially stable. 

I don't think technology provided a solution for Travis and Luisa because they both hoped to become successful based on their technological skills. To be successful in life a person needs to have a multitude of skills. A person needs to be well-rounded. Sidra planned on using her technological skills for online publishing and editing. Kep planned on pursuing a career in engineering. Travis and Luisa only knew basic technological skills and were not well-rounded students. Travis' high school's main focus was the teaching of technology. Tech High did not really offer any extracurriculars or even a library. Luisa had a full time job and had to help provide for their families. Both of them missed out on opportunities for becoming involved in groups and activities to help them grow as students and people. 

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  1. I agree, placing your hopes and dreams on learning one skill will almost certainly end in failure. There is always someone out there who can do that thing better, its the combination of skills that makes a person unique and marketable.