Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exam 2 Review - Jan van Dijk

How does van Dijk define access?

van Dijk defines access in terms of four kinds of barriers and the type of access they restrict.

1. Mental Access - the lack of elementary digital experience
2. Material Access - not having computers or network connections
3. Skills Access - inadequate education, social support or user unfriendliness
4. Usage Access - not having the opportunity to use technologies
What are the different types of digital skills?

There are three types of digital skills that van Dijk identifies in this article. The first skill is instrumental skill, meaning the ability to actually operate the hardware and software, and the second skill is informational skill, meaning the ability to search for information using the hardware/software. Together these two skills, instrumental and informational, are referred to as "informacy". The third digital skill is strategic skill, meaning the ability to use information for one's own purpose in a meaningful way. van Dijk goes on to say that "informacy" is not primarily related to educational level, but more to age and gender.

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