Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video Project- Group 1

Here is the link to our video on YouTube:


  1. Before we filmed our video, my job, as well as the others, was to come up with a few questions that related to the four types of access defined by Van Dijk. They were mental, material, skills, and usage. I feel that these four points were important things that we learned throughout the course.

    Another "role" i took on was to pick out and ask people in the library if we could interview them. I had asked two people our list of questions regarding the access. It was very interesting to hear all of the different answers from everyone. Some answers were very similar to others, and some were also very different. I think from getting a different perspective from different people, it made me think about my own library usage and if i have complete access in regards to the mental, material, skills and usage. I guess I've always taken the libraries and the great access we have here for granted, but now when we've actually analyzed the situation from doing the project, I see that it is a great resource we have here at UW.

  2. Coming up with the questions to ask was not too difficult. Everyone agreed that Van Dijk's four types of access were extremely important and we knew that by asking people about those four types of access we would get some interesting and different responses. I also conducted an interview with a library patron in which I asked them the questions about the four types of access.

    I think the questions we asked were fairly general which allowed the interviewees to expand on their answers and we, in turn, learned more. Most of the patrons we interviewed used the library on a daily basis and as someone who doesn't, it was nice to hear their take on how valuable the library is for them.

  3. For our video project I had helped come up with questions that related to Van Dijk's for points of access which are material, mental, skills, and usage. Once we determined the questions we were going to ask we went around college library and intereviewed random students. Along with the others in my group, I helped find people willing to be interviewed and participated in our video by interviewing one of the first students.

    I thought our group worked extremely well together and felt that we each put it in an equal amount of effort into developing our video. I also thought this project was a great way to realize how other students on campus relate to my own level of access and how it relates from being at home to here in madison.

  4. For our video project I believe we as a group understood that we needed to cover the four types of access discussed by Van Dijk. To do this we formed a series of questions around access, covering material, mental, skills, and usage. We then decided to interview people at random in the library. Each taking turns asking the questions we got a variety of answers for similar questions. I think everyone in the group contributed equally in the process and was satisfied with the results.

    It was interesting to see the difference in responses to the same question considering that we stayed within a small area of the library. Every single person had an unique experience with the library but most generally agreed that they had better access at this particular library than where they came from.