Monday, January 19, 2009


Welcome to LIS 202-Section 301. Within the next little while, you should have received an invitation in your UW email account to create a Blogger account. Please take a moment to create that account by following the provided link. If you choose to use an account other than your UW email, please choose one you check and use regularly!

Once you've done that, please post your own intro post. Consider including an appropriate picture of you, a favorite pet, or something that represents you (inanimate objects should be chosen sparingly). Then share something about you that you'd like your classmates to know. This could be where you're from, what you are studying in school, or favorite activities or interests outside of class.

When you're all done, use the "Labels" field at the bottom to identify your post as "intro"; this will help us all navigate the posts later on:

Good luck, and welcome to LIS 202-301!

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