Monday, January 26, 2009

Discussion 1/26/09

MIS from the "Bowling Alone."

"...a well-connected individual in a poorly connected society is not as productive as a well-connected individual in a well-connected society. And even a poorly connected individual may derive some of the spillover benefits from living in a well-connected community..." (pg 20)

I chose this paragraph because it shows the interdependence that we all have with one another. If everyone does their part, it achieves greater success than if one person just benefits from the good of the whole. This is relevant to our theme about library access to all individuals. Someone who is well-connected but living in a poorly connected community will certainly not have the access to the opportunities of a poorly connected individual in a well-connected society etc. In short, people need to be connected; they need to have the tools for success. This is clearly evident with regards to our theme of who has access to what tools.
Someone in class mentioned about the fact that this is a perpetuating cycle because individuals who are poorly connected living in poorly connected societies never have the opportunities of well connected individuals and it just is unfathomable to me that in such a country of opportunity, so many are left out.

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