Friday, January 30, 2009

"Branch Libraries: The Heartbeat of the Community"

"No longer a passive repository of books and information or an outpost of culture, quiet, and decorum in a noisy world, the new library is an active and responsive part in the community and an agent of change." page 35

I found this sentence to be particularly interesting in the reading because libraries are having to constantly change to keep up with technology and the interest of the community. My library back home when I was young, had maybe four computers and only quiet sitting areas to read, compared to the library we saw in lecture on Tuesday that had things like shops and escalators where people roamed around for pure entertainment, some not looking at books at all. It is interesting to see how different libraries vary because of the interests of the people who go there. Before this class I had never taken the time to think about what technology, like the internet, did to the library environment and how it could completely change the role of a librarian.

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  1. Thanks to your last sentence I just did think about it. You bring up a really good point about how librarians have had to adapt to the changing of libraries, as well.